Investment Management

Investment management is about what we do with your money.

Where it is invested in the world, what sorts of assets it is invested in, for example property or shares, and how this is reviewed. We take a scientific approach to investment management by using investment strategies that have been proven to work over time.

What can I see to show how it works?

The financial services industry is an alien world for most individuals. However, it is something which we cannot avoid using and it is vital to get to a level of familiarisation as to how finances work, even if only to ensure that you are making the right decisions.

Our industry can be extremely complex. It doesn´t need to be for most investors as the first rule of finances is to understand fully what you are getting into. At Intelligent Wealth Management Partnership we firstly educate you and show you simply how to invest for your future. You can do so confidently that we will take the utmost care over your hard earned savings, you will be able to find out at any time exactly what you have, and you will have access to ongoing advice as things change, which they are always doing.

Why should I use Intelligent Wealth Management Partnership?

There are no secrets to effective investment strategies. The industry, and some individual investors, would like you to think that there are and that only they know them. Demonstrable investment strategies are in the public domain, but they can take some finding given the millions of articles that are published each year. Furthermore, these strategies are relatively simple despite their effectiveness and, compared to the majority of alternatives, very good value – our range of funds are on average about half the cost of a typically actively managed investment fund.